Based in Brighton, England, we are an online solution provider specialising in data-driven e-commerce and complex product configuration, with a formulaic approach to creating profitable websites.  We help businesses (large and small) who need something different from e-commerce.

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Brighton E-Commerce Expertise

Our Methodology

Our business needs to know about your business so company information is a must in all our website briefs. To understand what your company is all about a summary on the products you provide, the history, brand, location, size and staff will all help us to build a bigger picture of your needs. Describe to us your company mission, primary values and any future plans for growth as these may be important for us to be aware of.  We are based in Brighton but believe in face to face meetings or Zoom to gain better understanding of your e-commerce needs.

We use a variety of tools for the analysis of your website, helping you to determine its performance and compare it to any competitors. SEO tools, behaviour analytics, website speed, performance and feedback tools are just some of the ways in which we can understand and how people use your website and highlight ways to improve the experience of your users.

Detailed keyword research and analysis, user demographics, Google search patterns and click volumes are the basis for our website builds. The information gathered gives us the platform to build websites which rank highly in all search engines and fulfil the “query intent” of potential clients. If it is a call, contact, hire or buy we produce an inbuilt “call to action plan” to maximise and achieve your target objectives.

To ensure that all visitors have an excellent visitor experience and give you the confidence that all potential clients are seeing the same end product, reliability and consistency are key.There are a multitude of ways in which website performance metrics are monitored, which is more than most developers realize. You need to know how your website performs across the globe, on an ever-increasing number of devices, to attract international visitors.

Business brands are searching for innovative ideas and developments to provide unique, personal experiences for shoppers. Shoppers are increasingly searching for new and different shopping experiences and products.

With the increasing demand for more personalized shopping experiences, brands are searching for innovative ways to attract customers. Product customization helps to increase traffic, boost sales and promote customer loyalty.

Research identifies that brands who deliver a unique experience to shoppers know their products and have an idea of what consumers want. By using better marketing, customer loyalty and participation is increased. Personalization and individualised offers give an experience that shoppers want and boosts sales per visit to your web page.

Once a website is designed and accessible on the internet that is not the end of the work. Some website owners may not realize that maintaining a website is ongoing requiring time and commitment. We will continue to maintain, analyse, update and promote your website for as long or as short a time as you want us to.

Current Projects

Structural Steel

Advanced mathematical calculation on all aspects of the 535 structural steel beams dimension, weight and cost, with a live cost calculator.


West Country Fabrication


Subscription Service

Sell once for a guaranteed monthly return.  A huge advantage on targeted marketing can be gained from offering a subscription service.


DogTails Raw Pet Food


Picture Framing

Calculation on frame and mount width depending on the prints dimension, frame selection and mount width. Migrated to all stores prints.




Everyone – Everywhere

E-commerce with 2 to 200,000+ Products

Complex products following any maths formulas
Chained, grouped and composite products
Subscriptions e-commerce systems
Client order management
Social share
E-commerce Social Login
GEO Location
Automated e-commerce remarketing

Save to phone home screen
Push Notifications

Sell more for less work

Our Prices

Our typical build costs for an e-commerce website are between £3,500 and £10,000

Product formula construction and consultation is charged at £85.00 per hour. Minimum three hours.

E-commerce Simplified


Simply by being prepared with the data required.  Product configuration cost can be greatly reduced if the product data is supplied in such a format that we can upload easily.  We will supply the Excel or csv format required for quick, easy and inexpensive product creation.  Supply us with a product brochure where we have to extract all the data to create the products and this will be reflected in our costs.  Images supplied in the correct size and named appropitley can also be a big time saver.

Maybe, but no one can guarantee this.  There are a hundred leavers that must be turned to satisfy the big G.  Your competition is a big factor, how effective are they?  Getting to the top of Google, aka SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is not an overnight process it can take month or even years and should be seen as a long term commitment.

Yes we do, and can be found here

We ask all our clients to purchase our service through our website and accept out terms on initial payment.  If you have any questions with reagrds to our Terms and Conditions of sale then we are more than happy to answer any queries you may have.  They are designed to clarify both our responsibilities and set out the complete project brief.

For new client’s and consultation below £500 then 100% in advance, otherwise.

40% on order (minimum £500)
40% on website launch
20% one month after website launch

Depending on the size of the project specific milestones reached can be set with payments then made.

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E-commerce Expertise

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Sell more for less work

Based in Brighton, England, we are an online solution provider specialising in data-driven e-commerce and complex product configuration, with a formulaic approach to creating profitable websites.  We help businesses (large and small) who need something different from e-commerce.